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Spatial Analytics

Get smarter with data to keep your campaigns on target and successful

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Our Team

Passion is our product

Jacob Caggiano

Working at the intersection of technology and storytelling, Jake is a master of creative problem solving to guide any organization, big or small.

Before starting HaxGeo, he hustled as a consultant for outstanding groups such as the Mozilla Foundation, The Open Video Alliance, and
Journalism that Matters.

Never afraid to roll up his sleeves, he likes to hack on words, images, sound, code, theater, design, strategy, and the human condition.

He holds a degree in Journalism and Filmmaking from Fairhaven College.

Luke Swart

Analog at birth, digital by design, Luke is an engineer with a passion for building stronger communities. He co-founded Open Seattle, a local meetup with over 3,000 members, with a mission to bring civic technology to the masses.

Before joining the team, he consulted with a number of growing tech startups and got their systems in order.

Luke holds a degree from the University of Washington with an interdisciplinary focus on chemistry, computer science, and environmental health.

Trevor Croxson

Trevor is a developer and designer, leaning both on technical skill and empathetic instincts. The timely gift several years ago of a copy of Edward Tufte'sĀ Envisioning InformationĀ opened his eyes to the subtleties of design, and firsthand community development experience as an AmeriCorps member and Coro Fellow directed that interest toward civic technology projects.

Trevor received an MS in Information Science from the University of Michigan, and cut his programmer teeth working on quantitative social science projects at UM and later at the University
of Washington. He joined HaxGeo envigorated by the mission to surface public data in useful, usable, and beautiful ways.

In his spare time Trevor can be found working his way through a stack of design and programming books, playing with his cat, or jogging through the Seattle drizzle.

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